quinta-feira, 11 de maio de 2017


Then there was I living a strangely warm and exhausting life in Hamburg, something between the dream life and a nightmare, when I met her. At first she seemed a little bit like coming from a Hollywood movie, something between hippie and cheerleader, something that left me at least curious.

It was a Coffee place close to Osterstraße, I guess. I went there with a dear friend of mine whom I constantly miss. I was right in the eye of the hurricane in my personal life. My grandmother had just died miles away from me and for the first time I could really feel the distance between me and my homeland. I was trying to achieve applying to a master degree, and the every-day-party thing at home was already driving me insane.  And then this German girl, coming directly from Hawaii, appears in a (most likely cold, I don’t quite remember) summer night, and starts telling about her life for a bunch of people seating in front of her.

I’d never heard about her before. Nevertheless, I was sipping every word she said as if we were long time pals, as if she was exactly that friend I needed to meet, to talk about life and organize my thoughts. I loved Hamburg, I loved my job, and it was (that strange and beautiful German) summer. I was falling desperately in love, and was really unsure whether I should surrender to those feelings or not. And that good perspective of a fresh stable life freaked me out. Maybe, if I chose to stay longer and live properly all that amazing things that I was being offered, maybe I would never get back home.

 And then I met Lucie.

Perhaps you’ll think that I would say something like “and she talked me into staying and living my life intensely”, or that I would keep on with a love story or something. But thing is, I just met Lucie, and listened to her songs and stories in that small cozy Coffee place, and felt the Hawaiian breeze and the travelling freedom blowing upon us all.

In that pleasing afternoon I decided not to decide. Not yet. I decided not to panic out. I just met the amazing Lucie.